Laura Pereira, Lip Category Marketing Manager, IL Cosmetics

Laura Pereira, Lip Category Marketing Manager, IL Cosmetics

Consumer centric approach

Thanks to their expertise and consumer centric approach, IL product developments and innovations are focused on consumer needs. In this sense, all their new formulas are tested and approved by a consumer panel, as they do for nail polish since many years now.

For make-up, tastes are key and really differ from one region to another. IL Cosmetics therefore believes it is even more important to truly understand the specificities of each market in the world. That is why they have implemented regional consumer panels both for mascaras and lip products, in order to develop personalized and suitable products per region.

According to IL Cosmetics, one of the reasons behind their growth in the last years is the dynamism that has been maintained on all product developments thanks to the organization by business lines (dedicated R&D and marketing teams per product category).

Today, we have an extended lips portfolio that responds to the latest market trends: Vegan and Clean. We have innovative / patent pending formulations that push the barriers of traditional lip products and that have allowed us to quickly gain market share,” explains Laura Pereira, Lip Category Marketing Manager at IL Cosmetics. “More importantly, we are used to do fine-tuning for our clients, whether in mass or luxury segments, to match 100% their expectations.

At the different stages of product development, IL Cosmetics teams always put lot of emphasis on innovation while, at the same time, keeping the good performances that consumers are used to.

Currently, the company is working on cleaner lip formulas with a high percentage of naturality without using the typical ingredients to meet tomorrow’s challenges and drive the future of the category.

All eyes on Lips

With the world mask-free in the near future, lip makeup products are expected to boom again. A lot of brands are very active on the category and are working on their upcoming product launches. Consumers are now willing to re-experience the joy of pampering their lips. “So the time has come to think about the future!” says IL Cosmetics.

The trend is on glossy finishes coming in all kind of colors and effects! A whole colorful, positive, playful attitude will spring up all over again and boost the moral. There is a big focus on care and well-being: it already started before, but it has been reinforced by the pandemic. Time is now on hybrid textures / sensorialities that are non-sticky, lightweight and comfortable. The demand for plumping effect of any level, caused by active ingredients, is also growing a lot (cold, hot and tingling effects). Finally, the clean trend is becoming very key for all the brands, and this is applicable for all the make-up categories,” concludes Laura Pereira.