New Invercote’s look

The new Invercote version intends to capitalize on the quality level and consistency that made the success of a product that has been on the market for over forty years. However, after a thorough upgrading of Iggesunds Bruk, the mill where Invercote is made, the Swedish company now promise an even better new luxury paperboard. The board machine number 2 was entirely rebuilt in the autumn of 2007, at a total cost of 74 million euros. “The result is a long list of improvements to printability and mechanical properties”, explains Philippe Letzelter, development manager at Iggesunds Bruk.

Iggesund worked intensively with the aim that the new Invercote can offer improved printing properties, higher purity and a whole range of improved mechanical properties. The company promises the best whiteness stability on the paperboard market. More than 70 test printings were done prior to the end of May, with about ten specific properties being tested each time.

We’re very pleased with the result,” Letzelter says. “For the customer this means that his packaging or printed materials have a longer lifespan. For example, an expensive carton will still be attractive even after sitting on the retail shelf for a while.

In the meantime, the company is revamping the product’s communication. “We have to adapt our approach to make our voice heard,” comments Carlo Einarsson, head of market communications for Iggesund Paperboard. “The work to add new dimensions to Invercote’s identity has also been very important,” Einarsson says. “We’ve developed a new logo to clearly distinguish Invercote from our other paperboard, Incada. Above all, we felt a real need to change our approach and become a bit more provocative.” He adds, though, that Invercote will never deviate from its core values of style, elegance and class.

In parallel to the new identity, a new website has also been developed, with the aim to make it easier for visitors to obtain information about how to get the maximum performance out of Invercote as a material.