Iggesund Paperboard, manufacturer of the world-leading paperboard Invercote, is organising a new edition of the Iggesund Design Experience, which was initiated last year.

About 20 designers from all over the world will be selected to participate in the event that will take place in Sweden in late August 2013.

Iggesund Paperboard invites international designers to a week filled with...

Iggesund Paperboard invites international designers to a week filled with forest excursions and seminars on creativity and sustainability. Here the group visits a nursery where a major part of Iggesund’s more than 30 million annual seedlings are being grown. Photo: Per Trané

We tried this for the first time in 2012 and the appreciation and enthusiasm we got from the participating designers was overwhelming. So we’ll do it again,” says Staffan Sjöberg, Public Relations Manager at Iggesund Paperboard.

The Iggesund Design Experience will discuss sustainable design and material selection and will question experts in such fields as forest management, water pollution/purification, and food safety in packaging. Participants will return home with new insights into how to make their designs stand out from the crowd not only graphically but also from a sustainability point of view. In particular, participants will visit the Swedish forests to discover more about how they function and are managed.

The designers will invest their time - and in return we will give them some unforgettable days in the heart of Sweden,” Sjöberg says.

This new activity was inspired by the huge response Iggesund received from the design world for its Black Box Project, which gave well-known designers free rein to create unique solutions using Invercote as a starting material.