Iggesund Paperboard has set up a sheeting and warehousing capability in...

Iggesund Paperboard has set up a sheeting and warehousing capability in Taiwan © Iggesund

Swedish paper and cardboard manufacturer Iggesund Paperboard is improving its distribution service in Asia with the main aim to reduce delays and to offer Asian customers a better service. The improvement of the company’s logistics includes the opening of a new storage centre in Taiwan.

We are continuously evolving together with our customers’ needs. We have therefore set up a sheeting and warehousing capability in Taiwan, which will be operationally ready by the end of July 2015,” explains Ivan Chong, Business Area Director G&P, Asia Pacific. “This channel will strive to enhance Invercote’s availability in the Asian market and will help Iggesund and our customers to gain new business.

However, Iggesund is not just establishing a distribution channel in Asia. The company will also keep Invercote in stock and offer local sheeting from a service point in Taiwan in order to minimise lead times.

Sold in more than 100 countries, Invercote - a bleached high quality board designed to pack consumer goods requiring high graphic performances - is one of Iggesund’s bestselling products.

Invercote is a niche product aimed at customers who place high demands on appearance and function and who want the end result to attract attention on the retail shelf and encourage purchase,” comments Arvid Sundblad, Vice President Sales and Marketing, in charge of global sales. “Unlike basically all SBB paperboard made in Asia, Invercote has a multi-layer construction, which means it does not crack along the creases. This is a huge advantage, supported, of course, by Invercote’s strong environmental and economic sustainability properties.

Globalisation strategy

Iggesund’s enhanced service in Asia is part of its efforts to become more global by strengthening its delivery service outside Europe. For instance, the cardboard manufacturer recently announced the strengthening of its distribution network in North America.

Arvid Sundblad, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Iggesund Paperboard....

Arvid Sundblad, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Iggesund Paperboard. © Iggesund

The company is also recruiting staff to reinforce its sales efforts. It has also launched a broader service concept to inform its customers of the many resources and support functions available to them. “Care by Iggesund” includes the quick and easy ordering of samples and inspirational material, the provision of product safety information and certificates, and access to the analytical services of Iggesund’s accredited Laboratory of Sensory and Chemical Analyses. Iggesund’s extensive environmental documentation is also part of the service offering. “A guarantee that customers will not encounter any unpleasant surprises due to the origin of the forest raw material used in their paperboard,” claims the company.

Iggesund’s service offering includes everything associated with the company’s products, from technical support in local markets to Iggesund’s own paperboard expertise in the form of various reference works.

We don’t just want our customers to buy our paperboard - we also want them to get the most out of it,” Arvid Sundblad comments. “All our documentation, together with our team of technicians, who are out in the local markets and who have experience from projects and operations similar to those of our customers, exists to ensure this. Some of this support we have had for a long time but we haven’t been clear enough to our customers in general that all this service exists.