The fifty fragranced products controlled by theInternational Fragrance Association (IFRA), during the fifth cycle of its Compliance Program (May 2010 to May 2011), were found fully compliant to the organisation’s Code of Practice.

Tested products were chosen at random from a selection of 450 marketed products from ten different countries. The products were assessed by Eurofins Scientific, a leading international group of laboratories.

According to Pierre Sivac, IFRA President: “This fifth cycle of our Compliance Program has once again demonstrated that the Standards are adhered to by IFRA members and the fragrance industry at large. Our objective at IFRA is to ensure the safety of fragrance products for the consumer and the environment.

The aim of the Compliance Program to ensure that the IFRA Standards are fully respected and enforced. It involves the analysis of a variety of consumer products for the presence of fragrance ingredients regulated by IFRA Standards. The products are selected at random from the different categories - fragrance, cosmetics and toiletries and household and detergents - from ten randomly selected IFRA member countries each year.

The IFRA Compliance Program focuses on the safety of fragranced consumer products. Amendments to the Code, if required, are issued annually, based on new scientific developments, in particular from theResearch Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) [1]. These amendments contain either new usage restrictions or revisions of existing usage restrictions.

Two years ago, on the occasion of the third cycle of the Compliance Program (May 2008 to April 2009), a recently banned fragrance material had been identified in one of the samples.