After having completed a three-year program at ISIPCA - a prestigious higher education institution in the field of perfume, cosmetics, and flavouring, located in Versailles, France - 12 students from France, Greece, India, Japan, North America and South Korea, officially received their diploma on June 24th, 2019.

Established in 2016, the Master of Scent Design and Creation is the result of a partnership between ISIPCA and IFF, a leading supplier of fragrances and flavours.

This is an historic day with many reasons to celebrate,” said Nicolas Mirzayantz, Scent Division CEO, IFF. “This is the first Masters of Scent Design & Creation graduating class from the first collaboration of its kind in the industry. We are thrilled at the sheer quality and passion of the well-trained and talented class, who are poised and ready to contribute to the world of fragrance. And we are happy to see such a diverse and inclusive group, reflecting the consumers for whom they will create.

The three-year program, based in Versailles, France, offers students a strong foundation in the art of perfumery, including a study of 800 raw materials. It also comprises opportunities for IFF internships, a mentorship program with senior perfumers, marketing, storytelling and soft skills courses, a study of accords and the history of perfumery, and many other topics to prepare students for a career in scent.