Christian Le Nalbaut, IDP Direct

Christian Le Nalbaut, IDP Direct

More than two years after its creation in October 2010, IDP Direct, a company specializing in the design and production of shop bags and boxes (jewelry, leather goods, fashion, cosmetics, perfumery…) already achieves about 13 million euros in turnover.

In just two years of operation, we have reached our targeted growth objectives. IDP Direct already represents more than 35% of the IDP Group’s turnover. Our goal for 2013 is to raise that figure to 50%, and our first quarter records are more than promising for this achievement. The key factor behind our success definitely is the power of the direct relation that we have been able to establish with our clients, offering them innovative and customized, actually tailored solutions. We pay close attention to every detail in the personalization and sophistication of the design and technical aspects, whether the order counts for 5,000 or 200,000 units,” explains Christian Le Nalbaut, the Paris-based managing partner of IDP Direct Europe West.

Indeed, IDP Direct is backed by the expertise of the IDP Group, which has 20 years of experience producing premium boxes and bags for its high-end clients’ stores, outlets, and special events. “The offices are opened in Europe and the United States in order to offer a fast and direct response, with no middlemen or subcontractors, to the specific needs of professionals in the fields of fashion, leather goods, luxury as fantasy jewelry, cosmetics and perfumery,” adds Christian Le Nalbaut.

Being part of the IDP Group, IDP Direct benefits from the industrial trump of its two Asian factories, in Surabaya (Indonesia) and Suzhou (China) and offers all the services needed for sourcing and can ensure that our production complies with the most stringent quality criteria (international ISO, FSC & PEFC certification).

With our know-how, we can emboss, laminate, hot stamp and/or gild these amenities, decorate them with a ribbon or strip of leather, adorn them with satin or other prestigious ornaments,” concludes Christian Le Nalbaut.