The French company specialising in the design and manufacture of fragrance sampling solutions has showcased a new generation of fragrance samples at Luxe Pack Monaco 2019.

With SCENTOUCH, iD Scent aims nothing less than revisiting the fragrance sample gesture.

SCENTOUCH follows the global trend towards reinventing the application of fragrance. Fragrance brands are looking for new means of fragrance sampling that offer a more personal, subtle alternative to the traditional spraying method,” said the company in a statement.

Long-lasting fragrance reproduction that remains true to the original

Made of paper, the support presented at the Luxe Pack Monaco trade show takes the form of a perfume bottle (but any kind of shape is possible) containing an applicator (also made of paper) infused with fragrance. Consumers can therefore smell the fragrance on the applicator or apply it to the skin, on their wrist or on some other pulse point.

With SCENTOUCH®, iD Scent launches new generation of fragrance...

With SCENTOUCH®, iD Scent launches new generation of fragrance samples

iD Scent guarantees a consistent and long-lasting reproduction of the fragrance, thus allowing consumers to keep the samples and test them freely at their convenience and under optimal conditions.

The company is considering many possibilities of use for its innovation. In the retail market, SCENTOUCH could replace traditional blotter strips, for press distribution, the sample will be kept and used like a miniature perfume bottle (indeed as it is enclosed, the fragrance doesn’t come into direct contact with the paper and the ink), in e-sampling campaigns, the absence of alcohol facilitates the handling and sending of samples, which also don’t require any special outer packaging.

In order to meet these various needs, the sampling solution is available in several formats (bottle, rectangle, square, etc.) with various finishes and decoration options, including hot stamping, gloss and goffering, among other techniques.

Fragrance brands are looking for an immediate return on investment. The long-lasting nature of our technologies boosts the impact of a sample: it can be tested several times and by several different people”, emphasises Maxime Caffon, CEO of iD Scent.

Made in France and eco-friendly

SCENTOUCH is fully produced in France in line with the iD Scent’s CSR Charter. Entirely from FSC and ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) paper, SCENTOUCH does not contain any aluminium and is recyclable.

For the launch of this new patented solution, iD Scent called on the services of the fragrance composition house Takasago which crafted the Hinoki Rose fragrance as the product’s olfactory signature.

To be noted: Scentouch will also be showcased at the Fragrance Innovation Summit on November 7 in Paris and during Les Places d’Or 2019.