ID bio recently launched Milk’nLift, a tensor ingredient with immediate action, derived from an isolate of milk proteins.

According to the French supplier of botanical extracts, this new natural active has been developed according to a natural process that respects the raw material, thus preserving all the native proprieties of the proteins. “It acts on the epidermis by tightening the tissues and improving cellular cohesion through a ‘mechanical lifting’,” said the company in a release.

The new active underwent in vivo tests involving 30 persons. According to ID bio, beyond the tensor effect, the test also showed an improvement of skin texture and a reduction of wrinkles and fine lines (-17,1% of wrinkle volume and -7,7% of surface wrinkling).

The tensor action is immediate and helps Milk’nLift to be the ideal ingredient for day creams for tired skins, flash radiance serums or else anti aging cares,” concludes the company.