In order to reinforce its presence in the natural botanical extraction field, ID bio extends its titrated extracts range. Those standardized ingredients, certified by ECOCERT, and are a kind of compromise between a standard extract and an active.

So far composed of 4 ingredients, the titrated extracts line, TitrExtract has been enlarged with 3 new references showcased during In-Cosmetics in Barcelona:

- TitrExtract Sweet Clover, sweet clover extract titrated in coumarin, is an anti-redness and has a vasoprotective activity, and is intended for BB creams, protective body milks, unifying day creams, anti-redness cleansig milks.

- TitrExtract Chamomile, chamomile extract titrated in bisabolol oxide, claimed to be soothing and restorative and intended for use in body care products for damaged skins, in creams for fragilized hand, etc.

- TitrExtract Witch Hazel : witch hazel extract titrated in proanthocyanidins expressed as procyanidin B2 with purifuing and astringent properties, and designed for cleasing foam for mixed skins, deodorant creams, young skin creams, etc.

So as the other items in the range, these three new extracts also perfectly address today’s regulatory issues, with ingredient traceability in finished cosmetics products. “We provided the regulatory and toxicological file of each substance, in compliance with the new regulatory requirements,” explains Alexia Machado, communication manager for the France-based ingredients supplier.