Throughout 2021, TikTok and the other social networks were invaded by new beauty techniques dedicated specifically to skincare. If there’s one thing that really stood out, it’s ice, and using the powers of cold, notching up millions of views.

Icy wave

Indeed, skin-icing, frozen cucumber, iced rice water and frozen beauty blenders were some of the top beauty hacks of 2021, while cryolipolysis — or fat freezing — has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments (even if side effects suffered by the ex-model Linda Evangeslista came to underline the risks).

Inevitably, this icy wave has paved the way for new beauty tools and tricks.

This is undoubtedly the case of ice globes, the new skincare trend to monitor in early 2022. Such is the hype that the global search platform Stylight [1] has seen a 97% increase in clicks for the Skin Gym brand — known for its many facial tools — between November and December 2021. The search engine also reports a 194% jump in search interest for ice globes during December 2021, according to Google Trends data.

Skincare benefits

An ice globe is a very simple tool which — as its name suggests — takes the form of two globes that you fill with water then place in the refrigerator or freezer, before applying them to the face for a massage on dry skin or after applying a cream or serum. They supposedly help soothe the skin, reduce inflammation and imperfections, and even reduce dark circles and bags. Their virtues are therefore similar to those of skin-icing, which only requires an ice cube, but without the discomfort of applying ice directly to the skin.

On TikTok, at the beginning of the months, the #iceglobe hashtag counted more than a million views, and #iceglobes counted more than nine million views. Overall, ice globes form part of a larger phenomenon that involves drawing on the riches of nature — sometimes among the simplest — to get healthy and flawless skin.