The Iberchem Group is expanding its presence on the South African market by bringing together the teams of Iberchem, Scentium and Versachem under the name of Iberchem South Africa.

The announcement comes two years after the Group acquired 70% of Versachem, a company specialising in food colourants and seasonings. The Group recently bought the remaining 30%, thereby fully integrating Versachem’s activity into their portfolio. All three divisions will be temporarily accommodated in Versachem’s current offices in Pretoria, north of Johannesburg, until a new location can be found.

Shorter delays

Since the Iberchem Group first set foot in South Africa in the early 2000s, our activity has been growing steadily,” said Ramón Fernández, CEO of Iberchem Group. “The moment had come to establish ourselves permanently on the market to improve our customers’ experience even more. Proximity is a key element in our service offer. We strive to be as close as possible to our clients, which means they benefit from more agility when developing their product and from faster delivery times.

Iberchem South Africa will be managed by Mr Quentin Questiaux, who joined the company in May. Quentin Questiaux, who worked for Givaudan in Nigeria, has a good knowledge of the African market, with a proven track record in the flavour and fragrance industry. In the coming months, Iberchem South Africa will also gradually welcome new members to both Iberchem and Scentium.

When it comes to flavours and fragrances, South Africa is a vibrant market that has always been at the forefront of trends,” said Questiaux. “This is why we are building a team that is both dynamic and qualified in order to fulfil the country’s standards. Leveraging what has already been accomplished on the market, I’m highly enthusiastic and optimistic about the future of this new branch.