Founded in 2021 by Cédric Rimella and wife Aude, a doctor and dermatologist in Lausanne, after three years working hard on R&D, I.D. Swiss Botanicals combines science and nature to connect wellness and beauty.

“We have been trying to understand the link between our skin and our brain. It is widely acknowledged that mental wellness has a direct impact on the skin. We use neuroactive ingredients, including the CBD molecule, and we have also been working on the endocannabinoid system skin receptors to trigger communication by applying a product on the skin”, explains Cédric Rimella.

Proprietary actives

The laboratory owns several active complexes, including CBDVectorS, which can be integrated to formulas as liposomes or double encapsulations. These actives are combined to make up the base of the range products, which contain at least 99.4% of ingredients of natural origin: a moisturizing serum rich in hyaluronic acid, a skin-brightening moisturizing cream, and a (neuro)cosmetic mask.

Performance is focused on prevention rather than repair, by strengthening the skin and helping it regulate its response to daily aggressors, like UV rays, pollution, etc.

“We have measured an antioxidant effect of over 56% (vs vitamin E), reduced skin sensitivity up to 67%, and enhanced cell renewal up to 30%. We aim to provide skin cells with energy (+300%), so they can protect themselves from aggressors,” says Rimella.

A powder serum

The brand has also released Skin Stress Balancer, a powder-based serum to be mixed with a day cream and recently received a Product Innovation award by The Beauty Short List for it.

“It is a simple gesture: users just have to mix a bit of cream and a bit of powder in their hands and gently massage the skin to complete their skincare product without modifying the texture and smell. We provide additional efficacy without imposing a routine change”, adds Rimella.

With this flagship product with an atypical form, I.D. Swiss Botanicals firmly positions itself as a Made-in-Switzerland brand with natural, technical, efficient, and relatively affordable products: 69 euros for the serum for 160 applications.

Other than on its e-shop, the brand is present in Switzerland, the EU, and the UK, and is now making its debut in the US. The products are distributed through specialized, consulting-oriented channels (beauty salons, spas, chemists’, or concept stores), although a few major companies, including Nocibé in France, Druni in Spain, Sephora in the UK, and Manor in Switzerland (starting from 2023) have already taken hold of the project.

The new reference to be launched this year is also focused on plant-based ingredients with neuroactive properties and on the powder solution.

“We deeply believe in this type of formula, because it is pleasant to only sell efficacy, but our customers are not used to that yet. We actually aim to boost the efficacy of their routines by targeting the root causes of skin ageing. As part of our research, for example, we have been working on cell/neuronal regeneration or cell energy and mitochondria. We convey this fundamental research in cosmetic products, thanks to I.D. Swiss Botanicals,” concludes Rimella.