The most recent ones, are those from the series Color Brow Tint with Brush end, or the Super Slim Brow pencil, not to mention the Triangular eye brow pencil, the Brow Powder with an NBR Tip and the Color Brow Gel. "This is a true second nature," explains Kim E.H, Vice President Global Sales & Marketing, "innovation is permanent at Hwa Sung. We never stop asking ourselves again and again the same questions every year, every month, almost every day to continually improve the comfort of use of the products we manufacture for the biggest Korean and global cosmetic brands." At a rate of five to ten new products a year, customers can not be disappointed.

"But it is not so much at the application level that we innovate," emphasises Yumi Kim, Global Sales & Marketing Team Leader, "but also and mostly in the formulas themselves."

"Finally we offer a comprehensive solution where the applicator whatever it is, explains Kim E.H, must be in perfect symbiosis with the type of formulas or combination of formulas that we develop.” And no standards but only and always "specifics".

Indeed, during a presentation of the range of solutions offered by the Korean company, we are not disappointed. There is something to suit everyone’s taste and mood. Such a brush combined with such formula as components of a multifunction applicator where, with a simple gesture, one can also access a type of powder or blush whose simultaneous application enables multiple effects... Without forgetting lipsticks also integrated in a set that splits into two or three compartments to access, there too, to one or two formulas which, when applied to the lips, make them look very red or very pink darken or glossy, bright or matt. A real festival of solutions that leave the visitor a little speechless.

Speed of implementation

On the industrial side, the Korean company has a new plant since 1998 in the suburbs of Seoul, runs thirty "home-designed" filling lines of which 80% are automatic, produces more than one million pieces a month, employs a total of 70 people and will achieve this year a turnover of USD 20 million.

After the wooden pencils that the company will abandon completely in the early 2000s, it will specialize in pencils and plastic applicators in the 80s, actually starting its series of "two and three in one" in 2004. Today it also offers, - formulas included - make-up cases with multiple compartments and openings, mascaras, lipgloss in a combination or not...

Our main strengths, according to Kim E.H, "besides the quality of our formulas and our ability to innovate, are our flexibility and speed of implementation thanks to our size. It takes from seventy to ninety days maximum between the start of a development and the beginning of the production. Moreover we take orders as of 5,000 pieces." The key customer markets are Korea, of course, and Asia in general but also the United States and Europe.