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Hwa Sung: a new plant to better cope with the dynamics of innovation!

The Korean company specialized in the development and manufacturing of make-up applicators has recently opened successively, both its first and brand new plastic injection factory and new offices located in the centre of Seoul. A company that currently generates 45% from export sales and whose main asset remains innovation. Explanation by Kim E.H, VP Global Sales & Marketing...

Premium Beauty News - These past few months were particularity busy for Hwa Sung. A new factory and new offices!

Kim E.H - Indeed, we decided to build our own plastic injection plant, called ANP, while keeping our network of suppliers. This allows us to be much more flexible for the development and marketing of our products. The plant is home to 20 injection machines and with a staff of 50 people. It was built following the highest standards in terms of production quality. As for the new offices, it is true that the time had come to move to more functional premises.

Hwa Sung now operates its wn plastic injection plant.

Hwa Sung now operates its wn plastic injection plant.

Premium Beauty News - The Asian Beauty market is still recording an important growth. What do you see as you main strong points to be successful in this competitive market?

Kim E.H - Our strength is innovation!!! Our range includes single use products and four-in-one Slim Stick size products. Our innovation-focused strategy greatly satisfies our customers who are happy to use a product that is easy to carry and that takes up very little space. Our products are up to the expectations of professionals who demand the highest quality. Our range of Eyebrow Pencils enjoys an excellent reputation abroad. All our customers say they are very successful on their market with this type of product. Our strength lies undoubtedly in our quick decision making and flexibility. We are very reactive to customer demands.

Premium Beauty News - Your presence is international. You therefore have a global vision of the evolution of demand at an international level. In your opinion, what main criteria characterize the world’s four major markets, which are Europe, North America, South America and Asia?

Kim E.H - In Europe, the decision process is very slow and all the components of a project are very thoroughly considered, sometimes over considered. The launch of a new product is often difficult, but once it is on the market everything then runs smoothly.

While in North America, if products displayed show a new and innovative concept, it can go much faster.

South America is growing fast almost like Asia.

Products from Asia are acclaimed all over the world, but this wave of success can also be reversed just as quickly. Products range from super low, to premium prices. Everything coexists.

Premium Beauty News - What do you think 2015 will be like in your field, in Europe, the Americas and Asia?

Kim E.H - Markets are changing very quickly especially because of the Internet. The world of beauty is a constantly connected one particularly via Facebook, among others. It has become so easy to share, compare, wanting to be the prettiest of all and therefore to buy more.

Premium Beauty News - The concept of full service seems more and more present and desired. Do you agree?

Kim E.H - We have always offered full service, so there is nothing new for us here and nothing to worry about. I really think full service makes things easier and more comfortable for the customer. This saves him a lot of time in product development and production. But on our side, we have to manage a lot of responsibilities in terms of production steps or delivery deadlines.

Premium Beauty News - You exhibit at almost all the MakeUp in™ trade shows... In a few words what, do you believe are the key strengths of these events?

Kim E.H - We really love this event and we can feel that visitors are also really starting to love the Make Up shows that take place over two days (giving enough time to meet people). Make Up events are really upscale and very professional events. The exhibitor does not need to invest much time and money in the setting up of his stand, or in displaying his products. This allows him to spend more time on doing business. Conferences and industry news are also very useful. One last thing, the Beauteam team is always very friendly. This is important and I hope there will be many more Make-Up shows around the world.

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois


  • Hwa Sung now operates its wn plastic injection plant.
  • Hwa Sung now operates its wn plastic injection plant.
  • Hwa Sung now operates its wn plastic injection plant.
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