Genuine trend or just trending this week? A fad to test or a product to invest in? Navigating all the trends on TikTok can be overwhelming. In order to help brands find their way in today’s fast-paced digital world, where there is an endless stream of aesthetics going viral on the platform, trend forecaster WGSN launches a new trends forecasting service dubbed TikTok Analytics.

The new service is based on a new methodology that combines data analytics, expert insight and WGSN’s signature STEPIC model to ensure brands cut out “the noise” and identify the trends that matter. According to WGSN, it allows to go beyond views and virality.

The trend forecaster’s approach identifies the TikTok trends that matter by analysing their health, strength, and stability in the context of their macro forecasts. This enables WGSN to predict the lifespan of a trend, anticipate what will come next, and identify any risks to avoid. By doing so, brands can incorporate trends into their long-term product and marketing strategies and avoid the short-term reactive approach.

No more TikTok FOMO. Instead of jumping from trend to trend, decision-makers can confidently stay ahead of whatever the algorithm throws at them, and eliminate the anxiety around keeping up with every trend,” says WGSN.

Indeed, trends on TikTok don’t just spring from nowhere, WGSN deems. Moreover, they aren’t as ‘fast’ as people assume. By framing the trends within proprietary macro forecasts, WGSN intends to deliver a contextualised view and to provide prediction on where each trend will go next.

In the hyper competitive beauty market, identifying fad vs trend is essential. With our truly unique, ground-breaking TikTok Analytics forecasts no brand needs to waste time nor investment on here-today-gone-tomorrow product fads, and instead can get ahead of the market with the trends that will really change the bottom line,” highlights Carla Buzasi, CEO of WGSN.