No fewer than 19 Symrise perfumers have joined forces to create the eau de cologne "HERO," a fragrance that pays homage to essential workers who put their lives on hold for the collective good. The scent is now being distributed to them, and it will also go on sale to raise funds for research.

Hospital staff, teachers, garbage collectors, supermarket employees, truck drivers, and farmers, many essential workers in the front line of the fight against the new coronavirus were so tireless in their efforts to enable everyone to continue to live as normally as possible during the unprecedented global lockdown that they themselves barely had time to see their families.

To pay homage to their selfless devotion during the Covid-19 pandemic, fragrance maker Symrise brought together 19 of its perfumers to create a unique fragrance symbolizing their spirit and energy. The result of their efforts is "HERO" eau de cologne.

The 'HERO' eau de Cologne created by 19 Symrise perfumers (Photo: © Courtesy...

The ’HERO’ eau de Cologne created by 19 Symrise perfumers (Photo: © Courtesy of Symrise)

"We believe in the power of scent to touch our senses, our soul and the world. That’s why we’ve developed a fragrance for all the heroes who, with their tireless and selfless efforts, are helping to fight the coronavirus crisis. HERO is our small token of thanks for the work they do," explains Ricardo Omori, Senior Vice-President of Global Fine Fragrance at Symrise.

Each of the perfumers who participated in the project contributed to the fragrance with an ingredient to help bring the unisex scent to life. "HERO" eau de cologne opens with notes of Madagascar mandarin orange, bergamot, peppermint and ginger. These are followed by a heart composed of ambrette seed, iris and rose aroma. In the base, there are comforting scents of gaiac wood, sandalwood, Madagascar vetiver, cypress and renewable vanillin.

Now distributed free to the everyday heroes of the lockdown, the fragrance is also exclusively available from at a price of 69 euros for 50 ml. Symrise will distribute the fragrance in the US, France, China, Singapore, Brazil and Dubai.