The annual turnover of Hermès International reached 3,484 million euros (up 22.6%) in 2012 and the operating income reached 1,119 million, (up 26.4%).

All sectors delivered a pretty good performance. For Perfumes (up 14%), 2012 was a very good year. Terre d’Hermès joined the ranks of the great classics and two lines were enhanced by new launches, Voyage d’Hermès Parfum and L’Ambre des Merveilles.

In response to persistently strong demand, in 2012, Leather Goods and Saddlery (up 12%) opened two new workshops in France, in Charente and Isère. The Ready-to-wear and Accessories division (up 22%) benefited from the dynamism of the latter and from the inspiration of the ready-to-wear collections. New formats and the use of new colours and materials contributed to the growth of Silk & Textiles (up 16%). In Watches (up 17%), sales growth continued to run high in 2012, based on the development of "manufacture" lines.

Other Hermès sectors (up 45%) registered an exceptional surge. Hermès jewellery was driven by the success of its creations and the presentation of its second Haute Bijouterie collection. The Art of Living sector continued to broaden the Hermès Maison range.

According to Hermès, sales were stimulated by non-Japan Asia (up 25%). The group’s network added two new branches in Taiwan and China and six other stores were renovated or expanded. Japan (up 7%) also contributed to this performance after a relatively stable year in 2011.

Growth was impressive in Europe at 15%, with a positive contribution from nearly all countries, and in the Americas (up 14%), a region that is benefiting from the gradual extension of its network.

Lastly, sales to travellers continued to trend up sharply throughout the world.