New products

It’s a strong change in management process that Hermann Koch has been experiencing, during several months. [1] Through the impetus given by its new CEO, Christian Lützenrath, it is a big part of the organization and industrial objectives including the product range which are being rethought.

The first objective for the German converter specialized in plastic injection, extrusion and blow injection, is to innovate and offer new products to the customer market. Main production, still today, with 75 per cent, a full range of jars of many different sizes mainly PP-made. "We have decided, among others things," explain Melanie Krempel and Susanne Heinrich at the Marketing and Innovation Department, in Coburg, "to create several new standard lines combining jars, but also bottles with new design." A decision which paid off with the new line Sipario introduced for the first time this year. And it only the beginning of it. Each year will see a new line emerge.

Hermann Koch's new Sipario line

Hermann Koch’s new Sipario line

An Solid industrial tool

"We are lucky enough to have a solid industrial tool," points out Christian Lützenrath. Indeed, Hermann Koch is equipped with 80 injection machines ranging from 25 tons to 320 tons, among which six are electric and three bi-injection machines (all of them Arburg), 15 blow-moulding extrusion machines including a four print Magic which can produce some 1,200 bottles per hour, ten screen printing machines and eight hot stamping machines. Not to mention seven compression machines that allow to produce Bakelite-made products.

Hermann Koch's innovations team

Hermann Koch’s innovations team