The group’s committed objectives are based on a thorough review of all formulas by 2021, to guarantee more naturalness and remove all controversial ingredients. In addition, by 2025, 100% of the packaging will be recyclable and reusable.

Our mission consists in being the pioneer of more sustainable, ecoresponsible cosmetics accessible to all. We aim to offer better products for the same price,” says Charlotte Le Buhan, Marketing Director of Henkel Beauty Care.

In parallel, Henkel has been developing partnerships with associations, including Force Femmes, and enhancing products’ global life cycle, in particular by pooling transport with some competitors to reduce the environmental impact, and by launching a new programme dubbed La beauté du geste to inform and educate consumers so they adopt more virtuous behaviours.

Nature Box breaks the mould

Henkel is positioned on the highly competitive hair care and toiletries market driven by the organic wave. To better reach Millennials, they are now launching Nature Box, a fun, environmentally friendly brand. For its French launch, the range features five liquid shampoos and their solid equivalents, plus a conditioner. The formulas are composed of 99% natural ingredients derived from fair sourcing and enriched with cold-pressed hemp, coconut, nut, argan or avocado oil. Each reference is available as a liquid or solid product and packed in eco-packaging.

We mean to democratize solid shampoos, which have been rising strongly (+422% in 2019) but still only represent 0.3% of the market,” explains Cyrielle Léonard, Director of Hair Care.

The liquid line will be available in supermarkets as soon as January 2021 for EUR 4.50 (250 ml bottle), and solid sizes will be launched next March for the same price. A specific men’s range will also be released in April.

The first natural permanent hair dye by Schwarzkopf

With the new Natural & Easy range, Schwarzkopf achieves total and long-lasting white hair coverage with formulas composed of 91% to 93% ingredients of natural origin. The growth of the at-home hair colouring segment since lockdown – +1.2 million women recruited on this market, according to Kantar – gets mixed with the demand for more natural products. The Schwarzkopf offering already featured a range of non-permanent botanical dyes; it now counts an exclusive solution. The 10-shade Natural & Easy range will be available as soon as next January for the target price of EUR 9.90.

Organic brand NAE diversifies with anti-ageing offering

Launched two years ago, the 100% organic cosmetics brand has found its own place in supermarkets. Ranked second in value on the organic hygiene/beauty segment, and third in the face cream category, NAE is now broadening its offering with an Ecocert-certified smoothing anti-ageing line composed of 99% ingredients of natural origin. The three products, a day cream, a night cream, and a serum, will be available next March.

Diadermine offers natural alternative to retinol

Present on the face care market for over 100 years, Diadermine is reinventing itself with a new skincare ritual based on natural retinol. The three new products of the Lift + Algo Retinol range, a day cream, a night cream, and an eye contour, are based on botanical actives harvested in Brittany, France: sea fennel and algae extracts. These products will be available next January.