For the launch of its new Re-Plasty Pro Filler (serum-in-Blur) in September 2014, Helena Rubinstein selected the Serumony packaging innovation from Aptar Beauty + Home. This packaging with a unique design evokes surgical precision and is positioned as an innovative alternative to the traditional application pipette. That’s exactly what needed Re-Plasty Pro Filler [Serum-In-Blur], which has been designed to replace hyaluronic acid injections or prolong the effects. It targets the wrinkles around the eyes and lips to relax the features and restore positive facial expressions.

Furthermore, thanks to its airless system Serumony offers better protection of the formula. Also, its precise application system fits perfectly with this product that needs to be efficient at the centre of wrinkles.

"We believe we have made the best choice for our new serum", said Gaetane Baudry - International Marketing Director - Helena Rubinstein.