Designed for next-to-skin apparel and home textiles, the HeiQ Skin Care technology harnesses the power of active probiotics and selected prebiotics to enhance the cutaneous microbiome for glowing skin.

A synergistic combination of prebiotics and probiotics

According to HeiQ, this textile finish helps to provide a balanced microbiome, even after repeated use and washing of textiles. Unlike conventional products, HeiQ Skin Care utilizes slow-release prebiotics and probiotics seamlessly integrated into a biobased textile matrix, enriching the skin’s microbiome diversity, and offering long-lasting cosmetic benefits.

The proprietary technology was designed to deliver a soothing cosmetic skin treatment in every situation, whether the user is relaxing, working or sleeping. It is based on a synergistic combination of prebiotics and probiotics, known as synbiotics. According to HeiQ, synbiotics promote skin renewal, rebalancing, and improved appearance, reducing the signs of aging and establishing a favorable environment for the skin’s natural repair mechanisms.

A second skin that takes care of the first

HeiQ Skin Care is suitable for all textile fibres, both natural and synthetic, and can be applied to all textile items that come in direct contact with the skin. Thanks to this versatility the technology can be used in a variety of daily use textiles - at work, during sports, leisure activities, or as bedding items like bed sheets and pillows.

Intensive wear trials conducted during the development stage have proven the consistent release of synbiotics (prebiotics and probiotics) onto the skin, creating conditions to foster a well-balanced microbiome.

HeiQ Skin Care represents a leap forward in textile innovation, combining the power of probiotics and prebiotics to enhance skin microbiome and overall skin appearance. It is another way of delivering our promise of improving the lives of billions, which is at the core of everything we do at HeiQ," says Mike Abbott, Head of HeiQ Textiles & Flooring Business Unit.

Founded in 2005 as a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH), HeiQ is listed on the London Stock Exchange Main Market. With its 14 offices, 7 manufacturing sites, and 7 R&D hubs, HeiQ today employs 230 professionals. The company has a total capacity of 45,000 tons of specialty chemicals per year and serves over 1,000 industrial customers in over 60 countries.