It was launched at the latest MakeUp in Paris and could revolutionise mascara application. Quadpack’s brand new heated mascara uses a two-part applicator to achieve beautifully sleek, long lashes. One part is a professional mascara brush, the other a special heating wand that smoothes away lumps, shapes the lashes and maximises volume.

The brush has an ergonomic angle of 27º for maximum ease of use. A heat-resistant mascara is first applied to both sides of the lashes. A special mini-tip at the end of the brush makes it easy to cover the lower lashes.

The heating wand then gently ‘melts’ the mascara and redistributes it evenly, for a totally smooth coverage. The colour is drawn to the outer edges of the lashes, making them appear longer and fuller.

The wand can be used to shape eyelashes much in the same way as a hair iron. The temperature of the mascara wand, however, is so mild that it can be held against your finger when heated. The patented system is designed to maintain a temperature of 65-70º C.

The heating wand switches off automatically after three minutes or on replacing the cap, to make sure the battery does not run out when not in use.

Mascara refills are available.