HCT’s metal tips are always nickel-free and are manufactured in 100% controlled facilities utilizing proprietary technology and processes to ensure optimal quality control. Each tip is polished individually resulting in a smooth finish, which is safe for use on delicate areas of the body.

HCT recognizes the importance of engineering innovative solutions for its customers through superior quality metal components. This design incorporates a cooling and de-puffing effect into the application of Dior’s serum.

HCT Metals specializes in a multitude of metal design capabilities for state-of-the-art color, skincare, body care, fragrance, and liquor components. HCT Metals is also fully integrated for injection molding ZAMAC components, stamping, and other metal transformations, as well as an electroplating site for full quality control.

HCT’s Cooling applicators in multiple materials and designs have been widely adopted by the cosmetics industry. Beauty brands can partner with HCT to utilize one of their stock applicator options or work with their in-house design team to create a custom design that really takes your product to the next level.

HCT by kdc/one is a global leader in formulation and packaging innovation, offering end-to-end full turnkey solutions increasing speed-to-market. An integrated team of renowned experts in packaging, formulation, brushes, accessories, and devices are available to guide customers through the entire design and development process from concept to final product.

As a part of the kdc/one network, HCT is backed by the teams and resources of a trusted, global solutions provider in the beauty, personal care, and home care categories. kdc/one has more than 25 manufacturing facilities, 26 R&D and Innovations labs, and 15,000 employees throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia delivering solutions on a global scale.