European production

For European customers, HCT has already begun tooling stock domestically: sleek yet eco components for lipsticks, powders, and sticks. HCT’s sister site in Italy,TTC by kdc/one, produces incredible powder innovation as well as filling and assembly for beauty brands. With sites in Italy and France, HCT’s European footprint is helping with more efficient and sustainable innovation for clients in Europe, offering stock monomaterial components such as PP and PET lipsticks.

More sustainable materials

HCT is encouraging customers to think about the future, and in order to deliver, HCT is making sure that their largest stock tool library in the industry is also the largest sustainable stock tool library in the industry. HCT is converting several stock tools to be used with recyclable materials like PET and PP to avoid styrene (ABS, SAN). This also comes at a time when government guidelines are being issued to restrict plastic and the use of non-recyclable materials.

If you are an HCT customer, you can email them at to transition your current stock ABS tools to an ecofriendly solution.

Flex Technology

Being able to produce groundbreaking innovation like HCT’s new monomaterial Flex Technology is paramount to HCT’s innovation strategy. The concept was born from the need to create a more easily recyclable version of a typical dropper.

For example, HCT’s Refillable Flex Dropper helps brands to become more sustainable on a global scale. It is a major push for HCT in 2023 and beyond with the aim to be a strong partner for established and emerging brands across all beauty and personal care categories. Similar to HCT’s patented Cooling Tip Technology™ applicators, their Flex Technology also offers a patented range of products that provide new innovative dispensing solutions.

Our clients that believed in our Flex Technology concept to show that sustainability can work is something we are extremely proud of and resulting in successful launches at large retailers; it’s all because the brands believed in the concept at the very early stages – they are trendsetters and good examples of early adopters for sustainability,” says Denis Maurin, President of Sales and Innovation at HCT.

New showroom in their Santa Monica

HCT has always created revolutionary dispensing solutions that continue to push the limits of innovation. Like their patented Cooling Tip Technology™ that was created over 15 years ago and is still a best seller. They have many more innovations in their library as well as brand new concepts on the horizon. HCT is also very proud to open a new showroom in their Santa Monica, California location to help brainstorm with clients in an open environment where they can physically browse the entire collection of tools on display as well as interact with a new gallery for education and inspiration.

New concepts for fragrance products

While HCT continues to focus on makeup and skincare, they are also seeing a lot of growth in the personal care category, especially in the US, as well as fragrance.

HCT is unveiling a new collection of concepts specifically geared towards innovative dispensing and application systems for fragrance products at the Cosmopack Worldwide Bologna show in March. Visit their booth at the show, Hall 15, #E22-F21 to see their entire stock library and new innovation collection.