With HCT’s extended footprint and Haircare’s demand for larger formats, HCT can manufacture these types of collections in the United States, in addition to Europe and Asia, presenting more regionalized solutions for global brands. As an example, HCT is launching a new line called the Nora Collection, which offers a modern option for new haircare and skincare lines.

HCT’s well known Flow Through Brush component is a fan favorite for multifunctional powder formulas – like the Jane Iredale Refillable Amazing Base® Loose Mineral Powder Refillable Brush SPF 20/15. HCT has adapted this technology to enhance the application of trending haircare products. As an example, for waterless haircare formulas that are gaining popularity, HCT has designed a new suite of multifunctional flow through components with new sizes and applicators that are perfectly suited for haircare products like scalp treatments and dry shampoos.

In addition to innovative formulation and packaging, HCT produces some of the most iconic accessories for beauty brands, like gua shua tools, skincare devices, brushes, bags, and more. For haircare specifically, they have a wide collection of combs, towel turbans, scalp scrubbers, and styling accessories. Brands can partner with the HCT Accessories team to choose from carefully curated stock pieces or create fully custom items.

HCT has offices all over the globe and encourages clients to meet in person to discuss their specific brand needs.