Considering that consumers have grown to be more environmentally conscious, HCT has been adapting its offering and and has been developing environmentally friendly designs.

Thus, HCT has developed brushes with environmentally friendly materials with handles made from recycled aluminium, bamboo and recently, their newfound material being cork, a natural material sourced from the outer bark of the cork oak tree making it a renewable resource in steady supply. Fruit and vegetable stains have also been used as a safe alternative to paint for the brush handles.

With HCT’s extensive knowledge in brushes, coupled with our strong design team and established manufacturing plant which is FSC certified, our goal is to introduce competitive priced quality brushes to our customer and provide innovative and unique brush concepts. Our brush and design teams work very closely together to constantly come up with new concepts to present to our customers. We are always on a lookout for new materials to use for our brushes, new printing methods for unique decoration, innovative and functional designs,” commented Cindy Lim VP of Global Cosmetic Brush Division, HCT CA.