HCT Packaging cooperated with renowned designer, Marc Atlan, and Danish-born, New York based make up artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis, to manufacture a collection of heavyweight refillable compacts for eye, lips and cheeks.

Kjaer Weis new cosmetics brand claims to contain 95% natural or organic ingredients, with no parabens, petrochemical emulsifiers, synthetic colours and fragrances. The products are certified by CCPB, an Italian certification body. The brand wants to combine this environment-friendliness with contemporary luxury design.

The compacts are made from Zamak, a zinc-aluminium alloy, and feature a white enamelled KW logo.

Zamak was a conscious choice,” says Kirsten Kjaer Weis “due to its elegance, natural beauty and weight which, along with the closing click of the compact is like the sound of an old classic car door closing. Although this metal is not recyclable, the compacts are refillable and the nature of the metal means that they gain a beautiful patina with age… I wanted something unique, modern, forward thinking but also socially responsible.

HCT also produced the secondary packaging, a red textured wrapped box to house the compacts, like a jewellery case. “It is for sure one the most visually and functionally appealing Zamac compact ranges to date,” adds David Greco, Director of Sales, HCT.