Launched at the end of 2020, under the name CLT (which stands for Crimpless Tube Technology), HCT’s new tube collection has been designed as a way to stand up above the limitations of typical tubes by unlocking new aesthetic possibilities and functionalities.

Combined benefits of tubes and bottles

No longer restrained by 2D crimped ends, Crimpless Tube Technology revolutionizes the form and design of tubes,” explained the company in a statement.

Tubes can therefore stand like bottles while being more flexible than a regular bottle. Like tubes they allow a thicker formula to be dispensed.

HCT’s patent pending Crimpless solution also offers exactly the same decoration options as those of traditional tubes. It is also possible to emboss/deboss a logo, texture or pattern.

Otherwise, a unique shape can be applied on the ends for an elevated and coherent brand image throughout the packaging.

It is also possible to create multifunctional packaging by adapting different application methods on both ends sharing the formula.

Crimpless Tubes are offered in various sizes in single, multi-layer or polyfoil tubes for optimal compatibility with the formulation.