The new “Finger-Free” cooling stock component derives from HCT’s Patented Cooling Tip Technology and Pum-Tech’s Spot Series vertical airless pump. It is ideal for complex skincare formulations.

Designed for the delicate eye area, the patented, ergonomic Zamac tip applicator glides smoothly across the skin, providing a soothing and cooling sensation upon contact, whilst Pum-Tech’s ampoule container ensures the user gets the correct one pump dosage of the formulation inside.

I’m extremely proud of how far the metal tip has come from its early development to its most recent incarnations. What I’m most proud of is how so many people within HCT came forward with great ideas to develop a concept that is not only workable, but is now recognized as a key component for any prestige eye treatment. Not only has the response from our clients been very good but from their consumers as well. HCT has come a long way in eight years. Certainly based in our knowledge in how to write patents. We took considerable time to ensure our patents were comprehensive,” said Tim Thorpe, President HCT USA.

HCT owns multiple patents in North America, Europe and Asia and offers a comprehensive range of tips with 12 months exclusivity on stock designs, as well as the ability to custom create. “The portfolio of tips available to HCT customers is extensive, ensuring that there is a suitable design for every customer,” the company says.