In a few days, on September 30th exactly, Marie-Agnès Gigon, a figure of the perfume & cosmetic industry will leave the profession after 37 years spent in the beauty packaging sector. Hats off to a rather atypical career and a rare fidelity... As a result, two companies overall during all these years! Clearly a unique memory of the profession.

Marie-Agnès Gigon

Marie-Agnès Gigon

By joining, on a day of 1974, this famous packaging industry entirely dedicated to the perfumery and cosmetic sector, Marie-Agnès Gigon is one of those characters that clearly marked the memory of a trade. Beginning in January 1974, she is hired as an export assistant in the Cope Allman group, who owns at the time the world leading manufacturer in lipstick tubes, the Reboul Sofra company and its Annecy plant, where she will soon become Assistant General Manager. She will eventually integrate the Marketing department and will work there for twenty-five years. "An extraordinary time, she says, where the work atmosphere looked more like the one found in a large SME rather than in a group".

This was undoubtedly the heydays of the French packaging industry dedicated to the perfumery and cosmetic sector. "I still have in mind, she says, this great Open House day we had organized in the 90s in the Annecy plant. A fantastic atmosphere where all the forces of the local industrial and economic fabric were there!" Then the company was taken over by the Rexam Group.

A record of loyalty and constancy

In 1999, a new opportunity arises. To head the Sofadis company that represents the interests of such German companies in France as Hermann Koch, Oekametall and Linhardt. "There too, a unique opportunity, she says, to manage a small team of five people and to gradually integrate other complementary suppliers."

That is precisely what she will do! And she will do it particularly well! "I take this opportunity, she insists, to thank all the customers who trusted us and, of course, all the suppliers who supported us during these twelve years, full of launches and innovation."

Two companies in 37 years! A record of loyalty and constancy. "You can only built on the long term," she emphasised. "And strangely enough, she wondered, it still seems to puzzle some people nowadays". In a world where everything moves very quickly. probably too quickly... people will long remember this short haired, bright-eyed and lively little lady who sometimes did not mince her words and knew how to get to the point with a main goal in mind, that of maintaining the added value that Sofadis brought its customers by fully relying on team work. So, Merci Madame Gigon!