In the wake of the launch of Note in 2015, Aptar Beauty + Home continues its innovative exploration of the fragrance gesture towards an ever more understated elegance.

At the Luxe Pack tradeshow - which was held in Monaco from 2 to 4 October 2017 - the manufacturer of fragrance and facial skin care packaging delivery systems has launched Fragrance Master, an innovative applicator that aims to renew the perfuming experience through an application that was designed “to appeal to both connoisseurs and millennials in search of fun innovations.

Born from the Skin Master technology, this "perfume pen" delivers a dose for instant distribution and traces its fragrance trail on the skin. “The application is quick, controlled and highly sensory, and the object travel-friendly, innovative and precise: perfect for application to pulse points, to which it is recommended to add fragrance to create a lingering trail.

Fragrance Master - Aptar Beauty + Home

Fragrance Master - Aptar Beauty + Home

For an optimal customization of this new perfume ritual and its calligraphic sensory feel, Fragrance Master can be adapted with specific applicator options (quill, drop, brush,…) and a wide choice of customised features for the design.

Also on the occasion of Luxe Pack, Texen presented its own technical solution for an innovative, intimate and ultra-practical product to use on-the-go. The concept immediately appealed Mugler for its new perfume Aura.

Mugler's Aura fragrance pen, by Texen

Mugler’s Aura fragrance pen, by Texen

This fragrance pen can be refilled by soaking its nylon tip in a perfume bottle. The tip quickly get imbibed by capillarity with approximately 0.2 g of perfume after 60 seconds of immersion. Thus refilled, the pen can be used for seven days with two applications per day.

Texen’s standard fragrance pen and the associated bottle can be customized to the brand’s needs. For Mugler, the PP pen has been anodized with silver-coloured aluminium and the brand’s named has been silk-screen printed in black letters. A wide range of decors and printing solutions are available.

"With this fragrance pen, Texen addresses consumers’ demand for an elegant, practical, easy-to-use and easy to refill product," said the company.

These two high-end solutions complete the already known fragrance pencils and sticks, such as Alkos’ Perfume Touch Up, with a super-light texture designed to "melt onto the skin". Another example is BCM’s Fragrance Stick, available in two formulas, transparent or opaque.

Each of these solutions requires a specific formulation (solid, liquid or gel) that shows the extent of variations available in the fragrance category.