Commenting on a recent article in the May edition of the scientific journal Nature Nanotechnology, that linked carbon nanotubes to certain health risks, Dr. Gary Beall, a director of NaturalNano Inc. stated: "NaturalNano’s proprietary materials utilize naturally occurring nano materials that, historically, have been safe for consumer products as diverse as food packaging, cosmetics, and toothpaste."

Halloysite natural tubes (HNT) are part of the kaolin family of clays and are used today in many applications. HNTs are neither synthetic nor carbon-based and are therefore very different from those mentioned in the Nature Nanotechnology’s article. “They are a natural material found in clay deposits in a number of countries around the world,” the company stated in a release.

NaturalNano recently enter into agreement with France-based global cosmetics supplier Fiabila S.A. to develop the use of nano-ingredients in the cosmetics and personal care industry.