H&M is launching a brand new "wardrobe of fragrances" for fall. The Swedish fashion and beauty retailer has teamed up with perfumers Olivier Pescheux and Nisrine Grillié from the fragrance house Givaudan on the collection, which comprises 25 different scents.

H&M Beauty Fragrance Collection 'Reveries' - Photo: © H&M...

H&M Beauty Fragrance Collection ’Reveries’ - Photo: © H&M Beauty

The fragrances, which launch on August 16 in 47 countries, will be divided into three categories; dubbed ‘Singles,’ ‘Reveries’ and ‘Essences.’ The ten different ‘Singles’ will all revolve around a single note - such as vanilla, chocolate or yuzu - while the ten ‘Reveries’ will offer a more complex scent, either as an eau de parfum or a body mist. Even more nuanced is the five-piece ‘Essences’ line, which will offer eau de parfum and roll-on oils based around ingredients such as sandalwood, patchouli or rose.

"We focused a lot on high quality ingredients, from the single note fragrances to the contemporary blends and the more nuanced perfumes that really highlight the origin of the key ingredient," said Pescheux of the project in a statement, while Grillié called the collection a "beautiful and versatile symphony of fragrances."

The Reveries, EdT, 10ml - Photo: © H&M Beauty

The Reveries, EdT, 10ml - Photo: © H&M Beauty

"Customers can play around with the different fragrances across the three groups, to find a scent they love and identify with," explained Sara Wallander, Concept Designer for H&M Beauty. "It’s like building personal style, which is always a fun and exciting journey."

The H&M fragrance collection will be priced from EUR 4.99-24.99.