With the general awareness of the environmental impact of plastic containers and in anticipation of new regulatory constraints (in France, the AGEC law requires a 25% reduction in the use of single-use plastic packaging by 2025), several sectors — including food and cosmetics — are turning to cellulose and paper for various packaging applications.

To meet this challenge, Guyenne Papier, a coating specialist, is working to develop processes consisting of coating raw paper with a layer that gives it predefined properties.

"We work with the cosmetics industry, in particular, to give paper, properties that make it grease-resistant, waterproof, and heat-sealable. We are now achieving barrier levels that are relatively high compared with what paper can offer," says Céline Procop, Director of the Dordogne-based company.

The processes used by Guyenne Papier for the Sunibarier range are unique in that they can achieve high levels of performance using biosourced and biodegradable treatments. Greenbee papers offer a grease-proof barrier with heat-sealable packaging that is 100% biobased and compostable.

"For water barriers, we use synthetic, partly biodegradable polymers. We are really aiming for biodegradability and our objective is to offer products that are also alternatives to paper + PE complexes which, once assembled, cannot be recycled. The products we coat remain monomaterials and can incorporate a dislocation of the layer that does not contaminate the product’s recycling cycle," assures the President.

Guyenne Papier’s applications guarantee a 3 to 6-month-proof barrier function and are particularly suitable for use as cosmetic refills. A surface treatment can also be added to improve the printability of the paper and make it easier to decorate.

"Every day, let’s choose paper "

As an upstream player in the value chain, Guyenne Papier works jointly with brands to provide its clients - printers and packaging converters - with optimised base materials.

The President of Guyenne Papier is keen to highlight the importance of this activity, in a context where paper material is being put to good use in the packaging sector. "Few people know that there are companies like us, who are already capable of providing viable industrial solutions, with highly functional products. To those who still have doubts about this transition from plastic to paper, I say give our paper and paperboard a try," concludes Céline Procop.

This article was published in our special issue Beauty Packaging Innovation. Full text available here.