The colour of the bee bottle and the ribbon adorning the collar can be...

The colour of the bee bottle and the ribbon adorning the collar can be customized, and a message can be engraved on the glass.

Guerlain perfume lovers can now customize their perfume bottle online. The first in the list is the historic bee bottle, which was created in 1853 by famous French glass maker Pochet du Courval. The collar of the brand’s perfume bottle, which can be refilled in stores with most of the Guerlain iconic perfumes, can be decorated with a grosgrain, satin, wide or narrow ribbon, but also engraved with a name or short message. The solution provides customers with an ultra-realistic 3D view of the final rendering, and allows them to carry out several tests and to display information about the products.

Developed in partnership with Hapticmedia, a company specializing in online visualization and personalization for the luxury sector, the solution enables consumers to find on the new version of the brand’s European online stores. The same personalization opportunities already available in the brand’s boutiques.

The 3D technical solution provided by Hapticmedia enhances the desirability of our iconic products. It offers different combinations to increasingly demanding customers who are seeking for digital experiences reflecting those that are available in our stores. In addition, thanks to this online customization tool, our customers can now offer a tailor-made gift to their loved ones,” explains Jean Denis Mariani, Guerlain’s Chief Digital Officer.

Guerlain and Hapticmedia already collaborated a few years ago to create the online customization experience associated to the brand’s "Rouge G" luxury tube lipstick that has become cult since its launch.

We are happy to have collaborated once again with Guerlain in order to create a new online personalization solution. Thanks to this second collaboration, we are going even further by offering an online engraving option with a dynamic and ultra-realistic visual rendering. Thus, Internet users can design their own unique and personal object", highlights Hapticmedia co-founder, Henri Foucaud.

The interactive 3D visualization and personalization solution developed by Hapticmedia for Guerlain is accessible through an internet browser and compatible with-usual devices, including personal computers, tablets and smartphones. It is available through several Guerlain e-stores in Europe, including in Italy, Spain and the UK.