In spring 2010, Guerlain decided to breathe new life into its Terracotta compact. The legendary pack has been reinvented and reborn through the imagination of Ora Ïto. This is the enfant terrible designer’s second creation for Guerlain after the Idylle fragrance. Albéa’s teams called all their expertise into play to turn the sublime design into a stunning, extremely sophisticated compact with sleek, gentle lines.

The lid is comprised of 3 parts:

- The first is a thick, transparent SAN lens with gold hot stamping between the amber varnish that brings out the Guerlain name in calligraphic style and an upper transparent UV varnish.

- The second stage of the lid is a brown, metal-finish platform with an embossed, off-center orange silk-screened double G.

- Finally, the hinge ring is made from brown metal-finish polycarbonate PB ABS.

The 3 parts are assembled by ultrasound welding. As for the base, also brown metal-finished, it is over-molded to comply with the solid part’s perfect geometry.

For a closure that protects the bulk but is also more flowing, a magnet is located in the lid and in the base.

Once again, Albéa demonstrated its know-how in molding solid parts with this launch. Here the difficulty lay in guaranteeing excellent overall geometry and hiding all the technical parts.