Grumbe, Cosfibel’s transparent packaging subsidiary in Spain, created an animated packaging for Pacha’s promotional coffrets.

For this Puig group mass market brand, Grumbe was asked to come up with a packaging solution that stood out on-shelf and caught the eye without weighing down the client’s budget. The result: a coffret, whose brand logo - a bunch of cherries - is animated via scanimation.

Inspired by traditional animation processes, this technique consists of printing grooves superposed on the decor on two staggered planes. The depth creates an optical illusion of movement when the consumer walks by the shelf. “Adapted to packaging, it offers a playful solution in sync with the brand’s fun and festive universe,” says Grumbe in a release.

Also with the aim to catch the consumer’s eye, the coffret features: metallic fluorescent silkscreened shades and a large transparent surface that show the contents inside.

Made of 100% plastic APET, this coffret includes an Eau de Toilette, deodorant and a wallet.