The French maker of high-end packaging for the perfume and cosmetic industry has brought together its expertise in glass production, plastic injection and aluminium to create the bottle of Ginza Tokyo, Shiseido’s new women’s fragrance.

Ginza represents the homeland and the Tokyo-based origins of Shiseido Ginza Tokyo brand. An ode to femininity and the powerful facets of women.

As if carved from a block, the uniquely designed bottle, pierced by a black dagger, reveals rounded curves and lets shine a bright pink juice through the glass.

"A black dagger plunges directly into the bottle symbolizing both femininity and the inner strength of a woman," explains Shiseido.

The black cap, which forms the upper part of the dagger, is injected in plastic and lacquered to give more depth and power to the whole product.

The part of the dagger immersed in the juice was a real technical challenge. The dip tube cover is a soft plastic piece specially designed to be flexible enough and to be inserted easily into the bottle.

The Groupe Pochet brought together its expertise in glass, plastic injection and aluminium:

- The bottle is shaped by Pochet du Courval in Guimerville;
- The dagger (cap and dip tube cover) is manufactured by Qualipac à Château-Thierry;
- The aluminium collar is made by Qualipac Aluminium (Saint-Saturnin-du-Limet).