Groupe GM, a European leader in hotel amenity products, has joined forces with Viñali, an organic vino-cosmetic Spanish brand, to launch a line of hospitality products based on anti-oxidant grape extracts.

The products in the Viñali amenities range are enriched with organic grape water and organic grape extracts and will give hotel guests an experience as refreshing (and detoxifying) as it is luxurious. Across the product line, water has been substituted by organic grape water rich in resveratrol, Viñali’s flagship ingredient, which carries (adds value to skincare thanks to the grape’s) detoxifying properties. The 100% ecological grape water extract also contains essential oils, minerals and trace elements found in the plant which actively promote healthy skin and are environmentally friendly.

Having seen the popularity of our cosmetics line grow, we felt that now was the perfect time to create an amenities line in partnership with an international distributor,” commented Marie-Sixtine de Coral, creator of Viñali. “This is Spain’s first line of vino-cosmetics and we believe that with the international network offered by Groupe GM, it has the potential to become just as popular outside of Spain as it is here.

Laurent Marchand, President of Groupe GM, added: “We had been looking to offer our hotel clients a vino-cosmetic line for a long time, and our partnership with Viñali will allow us to carry out this project that is so dear to us. As an amenities line that offers guests something above and beyond the traditional ingredients, Viñali was the natural choice to complement our existing product range. The products use powerful, natural, organic ingredients and look very sleek and stylish and we’re confident that our international clients will be equally enthusiastic to see this new brand in our portfolio”.

The new Groupe GM amenity line includes natural soap in 15g and 30g, as well as 25ml tubes of shower gel, shampoo, hair & body gel and body lotion. All are presented in fresh white packaging featuring a grey minimalistic grape leaf design and a red logo. The packaging design also features the Bio Vines logo, certifying the origins of the grape-based ingredients. All vines used to extract grape water, as well as red vine extracts, are organic, harvested in a natural and bio-dynamic way and are completely chemical-free.