Greentech has unveiled new data regarding Soliberine, a natural photoprotector aiming at protecting the skin from all types of natural and artificial radiations (UV, visible light, specifically blue light, and infra-red rays).

The highly promising results already shown by Soliberine, launched in April 2016, have been reinforced by new in vitro tests performed on 3D skin models, and by clinical data,” explains the company.

According to Greentech, the series of studies shows that Soliberine:

- Reduces by 43% the production of free radicals in cells exposed to blue light (HEV).
- Protects by 54% the cutaneous barrier against lipid peroxidation caused by UV light.
- Inhibits by 56% the trans/cis conversion of urocanic acid under UV light at the stratum corneum level.
- Limits inflammation by inhibiting the synthesis of mediators (leukotrienes and prostaglandins) and by visibly reducing the appearance of erythema following UV exposure.
- Inhibits hyperpigmentation caused by UV rays, and the formation of « sunburn » type cells, which are the source of dark spots.
- Prevents damage to the dermal matrix by inactivating MMP1 under UV and infra red light, and stimulates the production of elastin.

Made from Buddleja officinalis flowers (the butterfly tree native to Sichuan’s sacred mountains), Soliberine was selected by molecular screening for its significant richness in phenylopropanoids with photoprotective properties. Soliberine is an active ingredient with ultra high concentrations of verbascoside and echinacoside.