Novel green ingredients, sustainable packaging, and natural personal care market trends will be featured in the upcoming Sustainable Cosmetics Summit. The North American edition will be hosted in New York City on 3-5th May 2017.

Amarjit Sahota, organizer of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

The Novel Green Ingredients session will showcase new green materials for cosmetic and personal care products. According to market research firm Organic Monitor (recently rebranded as Ecovia Intelligence), the organizer of the event, plant-based ingredients are now well established, however new sources of green cosmetic ingredients are emerging: marine algae, food by-products, and new technologies. Mark Dorfman, a biomimicry chemist, will show how nature’s design and processes can spur innovation. Other papers look at the use of tobacco as a sustainable source of cosmetic chemicals, and the trend of palm-free personal care ingredients.

Ecovia Intelligence will give a detailed update on the North American market for natural and organic personal care products. The market is becoming increasingly segmented, with brands targeting specific consumer groups and/or applications. To illustrate this trend, case studies will be given of vegan beauty and anti-pollution skincare. A leading natural food retailer will give insights into how it selects and markets natural and organic personal care products. Angela Diesch, a legal professional, will describe the regulatory framework for such products. As a number of brands are accused of making false marketing claims, guidance will be given on legitimate green marketing and labelling.

Furthermore, the Sustainability in Packaging session will explore the various ways cosmetic and personal care brands can reduce their packaging footprints. The ecological impact of packaging waste, as well as approaches to measure packaging footprints, will be described. An update will be given on the use of biopolymers and sustainable materials in product packaging, followed by case studies. Nancy Mahon from Estee Lauder Companies will share the company’s experiences with sustainability, whilst Robert Keen, CEO of Weleda North America, will explain how brands can make a social difference.

The North American edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit will be hosted in New York City on 3-5th May 2017.

This eighth North American edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit will focuse on two of the common ways cosmetic brands are addressing their environmental footprints: green ingredients and sustainable packaging. To put some perspective, the summit begins with a workshop on environmental impacts. The latest life-cycle data on cosmetics and personal care products will be presented, as well as practical advice on the use of metrics. “By focusing on green ingredients and packaging, cosmetic & personal care companies should be able to make greater strides in reducing their environmental impacts,” comments Amarjit Sahota, organizer of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit.