The global plastics manufacturer headquartered in Iceland, is taking advantages of its AirFree system to proposes a green version of its patented airless technology.

The AirFree technology is based on a multi-layers co-extruded bottle “In this case, the external layer is in recycled PE and represents 70% to 80% of the total raw material weight of the bottle. The internal multi layer pouch contains a barrier material that avoids all odour migration and preserves also the compatibility with the formula that is in contact with a pure PE. This Green AirFree is also recyclable: after crushing, flakes of pouch which have been in contact with the product can be separated of the flakes of recycled PE layer which was not in contact with the product and can be recyclable,” explains Estelle Nirelep, Promens’ Personal care marketing manager.

Beyond the specific advantages of the Green version, Promen’s AirFree range presents numerous advantages for the market: use in any position, complete evacuation of the formula, freedom of shape and protection of free preservative formula, and no need of propellant gas.

Promens otherwise insists on the fact that the group is “largely unaffected by Icelandic financial turmoil,” as 98% of its business is outside Iceland, primarily in Europe.