Citizens confronted to minor health problems, in particular skin problems, usually turn to their pharmacists to find a solution. And this behaviour has become more widespread since the Covid-19 pandemic. Consumers see pharmacists as trustworthy health professionals,” explains George Bakas, President of the group Good Brands & Cosmetics (GBC), the French distributor of the brand The Skin Pharmacist.

As The Skin Pharmacist is about to enter the French market, the GBC group has committed to putting more emphasis on pharmacists’ expertise and advice, by offering efficient solutions to frequent skin problems on a daily basis. The brand will provide a first, immediate answer to consumers, before they go see a dermatologist,” adds George Bakas.

A launch scheduled in Western Europe

The Skin Pharmacist’s product offering is composed of five basic face ranges, plus an SOS line of five products designed to relieve the skins that suffer from different disorders (pimples, stings or bites, burns...). The products are available for 17 euros on average, so they are affordable. The formulas are free from silicone, alcohol, mineral oil and colourants, and they are soaked with well-known actives highly popular among consumers, like vitamins C, E, and B12, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, medicinal plant extracts...

Launched in January 2022 in Greece, its country of origin, The Skin Pharmacist will expand its presence to several European countries, starting from the end of December, and it will all start in France. Then, Laboratoires Intermed will gradually launch the brand in Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and the UK throughout the year 2024.

In France, we would like to be established enough on the national network in two years to be accessible to as many people as possible,” says Georges Bakas. “The Skin Pharmacist’s DNA involves our being as close as possible to humans, i.e. pharmacists and their customers. That is what we focus our investments on, through face-to-face and continuous training in the form of an e-learning programme and animations at points of sale. We will not develop much on the Web, but of course, a French website will be available by the end of the year.

A targeted answer to different skin problems

The Skin Pharmacist’s offering was designed to provide targeted solutions to various skin problems.

The products in the Hydra Boost range were developed to deeply hydrate the skin and visibly enhance its texture. As for the formulas in the Sensitive Skin range, they are hypoallergenic and meant to meet the needs of sensitive skins of all ages. The Age Active range was devised to prevent and treat fine lines and wrinkles, while the Restore & Renew line helps intensely regenerate the skin. The City Detox skincare range helps detoxify and protect the skin from premature ageing caused by pollution and UV rays. Lastly, “the SOS line is a unique category in pharmacies, as these products offer fast, immediate relief by treating various skin disorders,” concludes Georges Bakas.

The brand The Skin Pharmacist will attend the PharmagoraPlus show in March 2024 in Paris.