Both Estée Lauder and Lancôme are betting on “vibrating” mascaras! A real time trial for the two brands as both of them intend to harvest full fruits of the innovations. Actually, Estée Lauder made the first move by launching its TurboLash All Effects Motion Mascara in July. Lancôme immediately followed with Ôscillation, a mascara that should hit stores in November.

TurboLash de Estée Lauder

TurboLash de Estée Lauder

Both mascaras are equipped with a brush vibrating at 125 micropulses per second, with the aim to reproduce the way professional make-up artists apply the product on lashes, undulating towards the extremity of lashes, in order to perfectly separate them. The devices need small batteries to work.

Ôscillation de Lancôme

Regarding Givenchy, the originality of their new Phenomen’eyes mascara is due to the form of its plastic brush, which looks as a ball (produced by Geka Brush).

Phenomen’eye de Givenchy

The main benefit of such a sphere, according to Givenchy, is that it can be used in every angles allowing to reach every lash and adapting the product to every eye shape. Of course, those changes in the brush design modify the application procedure, mainly the hand’s movement. The product’s formula innovates too: based on water and polymers it does not stain and would prevent lashes to move during the day.