Isohexadecane is a branched alkane with a medium volatility property which confers a dry and silky finish on the skin. Historically, this molecule comes from the oil industry.

The biosourced isohexadecane launched by Global Bioenergies is a 100% natural (according to ISO 16128), which is 100% made and sourced in France. For the first time, the ingredient was synthesized from French sugars.

Global Bioenergies will launch this first natural and renewable isohexadecane at in-cosmetics Global, which will be held from March 28 to 30 in Barcelona.

Our ingredients are made from sugars. We source our raw material in France thanks to sugars manufacturers located closely to our production unit. We are an actor for maintenance of industrial and agricultural jobs in weakened areas in France. In the long run, Global Bioenergies is aiming at cutting CO2 emissions thanks to its innovative process. Indeed, our process will help to significantly decrease the CO2 emissions in comparison with the oil-based ingredient,” said the company in a statement.

The launch of Isonaturane® 16 comes on the heels of the introduction last year of Isonaturane® 12, the first bio-based isododecane. In partnership with Clariant, Global Bioenergies also launched a bio-based rheology modifier in 2018.

Our technology consists of feeding reprogrammed bacteria with sugars so that they produce isobutene, a hydrocarbon which is at the heart of petrochemicals and makes it possible to manufacture fuels (for sustainable air transportation), but also cosmetic ingredients, and aromas. This is the first time this gas has been produced by fermentation, but it was necessary to build suitable industrial equipment, it is a major industrial investment,Marc Delcourt, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of the company, told Premium Beauty News.

Global Bioenergies recently received state support from the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) as part of the “Biobased products and industrial biotechnologies” call for projects. A funding of €4.4 million was allocated to Global Bioenergies in the form of 60% subsidy (non-repayable) and 40% repayable advances, subject to the achievement of technical and commercial milestones, to be paid in several instalments over the duration of the project, including an initial 15% instalment.

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