Rebhan, a manufacturer and decorator of plastic bottles and closures for the cosmetic, personal care and pharmaceutical markets, propose a series of Glass Polymer bottles with metallic effects, in cooperation AW Color.

According to Rebhan, processing methods specially adapted to the Glass Polymer material allows a high level of aesthetics and performance. A new possibility to meet deep colour design and radiance now adds tothe different advantages of Glass Polymer, without needin any further processing.

"In selecting the colour combination, with its very pure effects, particular care was taken to ensure harmony between the effect and the base colour. The base colour is intended to support the effect in order to achieve the greatest possible brilliance. These effects are in part based on synthetically created and coated silicon dioxide platelets. But standard shimmer-based, pearl sheen pigments are also used. Careful processing of the effect pigments when creating the master batch ensures that this brilliance is preserved on the bottles after the production process and remains visible," says Steffen Sagert, technical and laboratory manager at AW Color.

Rebhan creates exclusive forms using a blow-moulding process allowing thick bases and walls that up until now were only available in glass objects.