Lumson’s airless glass dispensers have been selected as the best packaging option by GlamNatural for its Hydrating Foundation (30 ml) and Cream Blush (15 ml) formulated without water.

Indeed, GlamNatural’s laboratories secided to produce their cosmetic products without water. However, it took them 150 different formulas before they could achieve the right mix of ingredients to get eudermic, pure and essential products. A delay that Lumson does not hesitate to compare to the more than four years of research and testing that were required to perfect its TAG System, the first airless system with a glass bottle.

According to Lumson, “with an airless system the formula doesn’t need to contain harmful preservatives, the product’s shelf life can be improved and the dispensing device is easier to measure and be kept clean.

More to it, explains the Italian bottle-maker, thanks to the patented pouch system the formula is totally dispensed with a consequent guaranteed supply of more than 95% of the product to the final consumer.

However, Lumson considers that creativity and design are at least as important as technology as the two special products have actually been adorned with very specific decorations: take for instance the “Glass Enhancer” technique , a gold metallic lacquering placed in the inside of the glass bottle to intensify the material beauty, the brightness and the shine of the glass itself. The TAG pump has also been shiny gold metalized to perfectly go along with the bottle, the over-cap, on the other hand, has been gold metalized but in matte, and last but not least, a shiny gold GlamNatural logo was hot stamped on top of the over cap, all this to create a fashionable contrast between shines and matte surfaces.

These qualities have certainly contributed to convinced the jury of the MakeUp In Paris Innovation Awards 2012 that has selected the product to participate in the final leg. All nominated products will be placed in a special showcase at the “Espace des Innovations" and on the 21st of June from 10 am to 6:15 pm all visitors can express their preferences using the show badge to vote for one product per category.