As with fashion and art, it hasn’t taken long for the cosmetics industry to get onboard the craze for NFTs, the digital tokens attributed to a unique product or service. Last spring, the Berlin-based studio Looks Lab launched a scent inspired by science fiction and associated with a work of art certified by an NFT.

In celebration of Pride Month, Givenchy Parfums is dabbling in this parallel universe for the benefit of Le MAG Jeunes association, which works on a daily basis to support and accompany LGBTQIA+ young people and fight against LGBTphobia.

The French house has teamed up with London-based gallerist Amar Singh and the artists of Rewind Collective to offer a digital work that will be sold in a limited edition of 1,952 copies in aid of the Le MAG Jeunes association.

Titled "Pride," the work by Rewind Collective takes the form of a series of animated portraits based on photographs that the artists have digitally reworked in the colors of the rainbow flag. Each of the portraits has been designed to represent diversity, self-affirmation and the fight for equal rights, Givenchy Parfums explains.

This virtual artwork in the colors of Pride Month will be available to buy June 21 to 26 on the VeVe platform. All proceeds will be donated to the Le MAG Jeunes association.