The global manufacturer of fragrance and beauty ingredients has launched a research programme exclusively focusing on the silver generation. Dubbed “Silver Radiance”, the initiative aims at improving the quality of living while ageing, through the emotional, behavioural and physical benefits of fragrances.

In a context of a growing ageing population, Givaudan has deepened its understanding of the needs of the over-55s through consumer research with data collected from more than 7,000 seniors in 11 countries around the world.

The first step of this programme is crystallised today through the Silver Radiance solutions, bringing concrete tailored innovations to this population, from better sleep to higher energy levels.

The company thus validated a unique portfolio of technologies and active ingredients aimed to improve seniors’ wellbeing, including:

 SLEEP: DreamScentz. Studies show that poor sleep quality is one of the factors that has a major impact on the Silver Generation’s well-being. Givaudan has shown that DreamScentz can help Seniors have better quality of sleep and help them wake up feeling more refreshed.
 WELL-BEING: VivaScentz. Mental well-being plays a key role in healthy ageing. According to Givaudan, VivaScentz technology helps to boost feelings of well-being by infusing consumers’ environment with a feel good enhancing scent.
 ENERGY: MoodScentz Invigorating. Many Seniors report lower energy levels as they get older, but remaining active is an essential part of healthy ageing. Designed to awaken the senses, MoodScentz Invigorating can help Seniors feel uplifted and invigorated in their daily lives.

It’s so important to study this rapidly growing and incredibly diverse demographic. As we’ve discovered through our research, fragrance offers lots of exciting possibilities to positively impact seniors’ wellbeing,” said Emily Upstill, Givaudan Neuroscience Researcher.

It has been extremely rewarding to develop a better understanding of the needs of the silver generation, and how these are connected to fragrance. Now the journey has begun, we look forward to discovering even more opportunities to help seniors and support brands in the process of embracing healthy ageing,” added Simon Ellwood, Head of Givaudan’s Health & Well-being Centre of Excellence in the UK.